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Oraitta for women - Know Yourself | Achieve Youth At Any Age

Discover new and surprising facts about yourself | Explore your consciousness
Understand why you feel and act as you do, what motivates you, what suppresses you
Free yourself of inner barriers | Free your desires | Free your inner child
Let your skin look young and vibrant as it should be, the change will feel amazing
ORAITTA helps you identify, understand and treat your "negative behavioural patterns", openning a new path to true happiness and success. Oraitta's special ethereal oils speed up the process of releasing you from these patterns, while helping your skin look young as it should be. The Oraitta Book & Oils present you with a unique opportunity to make a positive change in your life, a change that will reflect in your day to day behaviour and in the texture of your skin. We invite you to take action and make a big step towards youth and happiness, you deserve it.
women of oraitta - feel the difference

Every woman can be Master of her destiny

What is Oraitta and how can it help me? ORAITTA presents a unique approach and method that defines seven different personality prototypes for all western women, diagnoses and enables treatment of the difficulties that characterize each of them through the book and proprietary ethereal oil formulas. The ORAITTA Method addresses the difficulties that characterize each of these seven prototypes by means of unique formulas consisting of essential oils. Every woman (in the Western world) can identify herself with one of these types and get rid of those difficulties. The ORAITTA method uniquely assists women in releasing their defense mechanisms and openning a path to true inner freedom.         ::   The ORAITTA method (Book and proprietary Oils combined) is the epitome of anti-aging - the beauty salon and the cosmetician. The method slows down the rate of progression of biological age (as distinct from the chronological age) and actually makes the woman younger in many aspects. It creates wonders in the appearance of the skin and in the vitality of the body. And after such a transformation, who needs the surgeon's knife?
The book "Master of Her Destiny" is a unique phenomenon in the contemporary literary space. It fills a void which was difficult even to define until it was created. It is written with love by a woman and is intended for women who want to make a difference - women who are not willing to compromise or to adhere to existing restrictions. The change will begin as soon as they choose to read the book, the change can start now!

3 Stages to positive change and self empowerment with the ORAITTA method

Read the book
Self Diagnosis
Self Treatment
We recommend that you read the book "Master of Her Destiny" from beginning to end (before attempting personal diagnosis) so that you get a full picture of the method, the theory and of course so that you get acquainted with the seven characters
It is expected that after a first reading you will identify yourself with more than one of the seven personality prototypes. The book will guide you and help you focus on your personal main personality characteristics that distinguish you from the rest.
After you identify your personality prototype (ORAITTA flower), you can start using one of the seven ORAITTA oil formulas that matches that prototype. All you have to do is spend one to two minutes a day and you are on your way to a better you, soon to take a positive affect on your skin. Good Luck
Inspiring Testimonials from ORAITTA Oil Users and Readers of the Book
The book speaks a new language I am fortunate to have received Yael's book. My immediate response: Get one right now... Oraitta brings a new language to the world, new insights, demonstrating the connection between consciousness, beauty and youth...A book you can not put down until you find out who you are Razia Ben Gurion
The best book I've ever read A fascinating book that can be read as in the Bible, on different levels and at every level as in a successful painting discover new and surprising worlds that "enrich" us...An original book, articulate, engaging and mainly relates to all of us ... A fascinating and exciting experience Drora Ben Dov
A must read for all men Only after a fascinating reading of the book, from a man's point of view, I really felt that I came to know the true character traits of the women who starred in my life.. ... as the flowers presented in the book, in an in-depth and accurate analysis... Noah Halperin - Union of press
The oils that lead me from darkness to light ... Haya Rozen

The Women of ORAITTA are girls without age, they march backwards into the future!

It is difficult to categorize the ORAITTA method according to current definitions, and if we try to associate it with the familiar fields, we can think of a number of relevant areas: women empowerment, personal empowerment, psychological and spiritual theories, self-diagnosis methods, Happiness, self-change, consciousness change, consciousness therapy, energy therapy, oils and energetic frequencies and even philosophy. In conclusion: we have before us a system that includes both self-diagnosis and healing tools. Every woman is her diagnostician, her psychologist and her analyst. Anyone could be a young Master to her fate.
The book Master of Her Destiny is to be translated to English. Please feel free to join our mailing list to receive occasional news and updates.
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