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Yael Yisraeli - author of the book "Master of her Destiny" and the inventor of the ORAITTA method and oils

יעל ישראלי :: מחברת הספר אדונית לגורלה, ממציאת השמנים של אורייתא והוגת שיטת אורייתא Each of us wants to believe that she holds the reins of her life, that she is the Master of her fate. As far as I was concerned, there was no doubt in my mind that I was indeed the Master of my fate, the sole holder of the reins. For in my conception of myself, I am an independent, assertive entity with a high self-awareness that is conducted through internal freedom and freedom of choice. But is this the honest truth? A time of crisis came in my life and revealed a slightly different view of my reality. During that difficult time, I realized that life was managing me, and not the other way around. It turned out that my life was actually being manageed by limiting beliefs, fears, ego, defense mechanisms, masks and above all the facade of the Amazon: a fighting heroine.  
As I tried to understand the gap between the truth that stood in front of me and my image of myself, I stopped the "auto pilot" routine of life and began to ask questions.  
I spent six years looking for answers. Being a distinct "rose" (one of the seven characters that appear in the book), I decided to reach the primary source, the initial nucleus, the mental DNA which, in my perception, contains all the personality traits, and indeed I did. During those years, I was almost completely isolated, at home, surrounded by piles of books about psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, history, modernism, postmodernism, spirituality, traditional physics, quantum physics and many more... finding answers of various sorts in all of them. I felt as if I was directed by an invisible hand to the answers I was looking for, as if the universe itself in all its glory was showing me the path, the path to my destiny, even if I did not quite know what it was at that time.   And what began with self-analysis, a deep peeling of my ego, has become over time a collective analysis of us as women, and an in-depth study which diagnoses and acts as a unique toolbox for the healing and recovery to the seven prototypes of women. Any woman could find herself in one of these prototypes, any woman could be the Master of her destiny.   I invite you to a fascinating inner journey, to a personal exodus from Egypt - from emotional slavery to freedom.
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